Monday, March 14, 2005

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ever get the feeling you're being followed?

Weird man. I got the distinct impression therewas someone else in the taxi with me this a.m. Door wouldn't close properly, for starters. And then I kinda felt a bit cramped, as though someone was jostling me for space.

Maybe I'm imagining things.

Hi, my name is Passenger X

Ha. Got into the taxi with Stuart this morning. I don't hink he saw me. Probably wasn't paying attention as usual. Being the proverbial ghost in the machine has its advantages, though; only very perceptive people ever notice me - and then it's only ever fleeting glimpses.

Same traffic jam, same taxi driver

Obviously this is more evidence of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

Here's what I'm thinking: It is possible that taxi drivers are responsible for the flow, or lack thereof, of traffic in KL. All living things give off energy; there is enough evidence of this thinking, scientific and 'other.' It follows, therefore, that the mindset of a given cabby can affect conditions on the road.

Taxi drivers manifest their own road reality.

We might have bad luck drivers - those who attract congestion; and good luck drivers - those for whom the roads are always clear, the lights always green and the filter lanes always fast moving.

If we consider that taxis must make up a significant portion of the traffic universe, it stands to reason that the taxi collective has the power to alter situation.

NOTE TO SELF: Organise group meditation for the taxi industry.

Maybe the taxi number has something to do with this phenomenon. The whole numerology ting thing is big here in the East. My building for example, does not have a 4th floor (it's marked as 3A), 8 appears to be a very lucky number for Chinese people, and we all know that westeners view the number 13 with suspicion.

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